Northern Quarter Records Launch Night

Last Thursday, Northern Quarter Records launched their record label. Within the heart of the Northern Quarter itself, young artists from our 2017 roster performed a range of musical genres.

To start off the night, Kohl opened the launch with some acoustic original music.

As an artist who takes inspiration from James Blake, The XX and Bob Dylan, Kohl’s sound is soon to take a different direction from the acoustic set performed.


Combining her inspirations in order to create a sound that is distinctively unique, Northern Quarters is excited for what is to come! Next to take the stage is Wanderlust…

Wanderlust enticed the audience through powerful vocal performances given by Eirhanna, the lead vocalist. Memorable vocal melodies and exciting guitar solos creating a buzz within Matt and Phreds, exciting the audience for what was still to come!


Artizans are quite frankly one of the most energetic and electric bands currently on the Manchester scene. Artizans do not shy away from giving the audience a performance! Joe, the lead vocalist, laid it all out when performing on Thursday, with his heavy vocals and driving choruses. The band’s charisma on stage is infectious, and drew audience members to get up and dance along to their music.


Towards the end of our night, Steal grabbed the attention of our audience with their moving guitar voicings and compelling lyrics. Stylistically, this band create an atmosphere of sounds that resonate throughout the club.


Be it one of their more chilled songs, or Do You Really Want It, filled with heavy bass movements and an intense falsetto carried by Freddie Eggleton, Steal do not disappoint!



Flightless Birds ended the night with there eclectic mix of original songs. Showcasing some of their newer material, Flightless Birds look forward to releasing their EP early 2017.